Soemthing has to change!

…that was my thought, when I watched the documentary „Fat, sick & nearly dead” of Joe Cross – a businessman from Australia, who suffered for years on a autoimmune disease,  due to that had to take many medications and had on top of that to fight with overweight.

For years have let my healthy diet and exercise slide, did not take an objective look at myself and by doing so placed my health at risk.

The entry I would like to create through the reboot program by Joe Cross and first put my  system to “zero”. Basically, I start with a juice fasten regimen of self-made vegetable and fruit juice and besides additionally plenty of water, I eat nothing else for 30 days.


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In this blog I‘m going to daily share with you about how I feel during the juice fasting: what touches me, as well as text and image contributions documenting my successes.Bildmontage Daily Feedback

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All of the juices, smoothies, soups and vegetable dishes which are produced by myself and are worthy for further recommendation, you will find in my blog as a recipe in the category „Recipes”.

Be a little patient with me, because I don’t always managed to post the recipes simultaneously to my daily schedule.Bildmontage Säfte und Gemüse

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