The first step is always the hardest!

…and this time my challenge begins at 102,4 kg (204,8 pounds)!

But not only loosing weight is my motivation for the 30 day juice fast. In the sense of Joe Cross I want to reboot my system and take it as a start for a healthy nutrition and to take the edge off physical problems and diseases, not to mention to get rid of them.

This is not the first time that I reduced my weight. Twice I have lost 20 kg (40 pounds) resp. 22 kg (44 pounds) within a year. The weight gain was always a gradual process, which lasted for several years – no real yo-yo effect so to say! The last time I weighed 62 kilos (at 5″3 size) was about 7 years ago.  In these seven years I have continuously gained 40,4 kilos (80,8 pounds). I did not exercise nor create a compensation for my sedentary occupation and also entirely lost the realistic look at myself. That’s over now!

Stand 16.06.2014Stand 16.06.2014








The overweight puts pressure on my knees and since a while I can hear a grinding sound when I bend them – not good at all!

Furthermore I hope through the juice fast to get rid of physical dicomforts like sleeplessness, heyfever, a form of neurodermatitis,  skin blemishes, sallowness and acne inversa.



Discipline & endurance

Well, when it comes to nutrition and exercise my discipline has directed more towards zero in the last years! That’s why I created this blog, to put some more pressure on myself to keep up with it. No excuses anymore!

To make it a little bit easier for me, I assembled a 30-day-plan on my living room wall. On a daily basis I will pin my juice dishes into this plan. How has already pointed out, this is a very practical matter, as I can plan my fruit and vegetable purchases better. It remains to be seen whether it must be a plan on the apartment wall or if you couldn’t do that more space-saving in an Excel spreadsheet. But for me it is the only correct version, because every day inevitably I have to walk past that big reminder item.

30-Tage Wandplan
Daily Feedback

On the site Daily Feedback I document every day with a picture of my wall schedule plus further experiences, emotions and results of my 30 days juice fast.